1. Purpose

The purpose of this document is to defi ne the general terms and conditions of trade in order to clarify the requirements of the service and products provided by METALK

2. Contractual conditions

All trade relations between the Customer and METALK are regulated by the following general terms and conditions, unless expressly waived by special written conditions as agreed with
METALK. These conditions are part of the agreement set out during the order stage and subsequent proforma invoice with the customers. The contract come into force at the same time of
the issue of proforma invoice by METALK.
The sales made by representatives are conditioned by an internal check of METALK, which confi rms the acceptance by the proforma invoice.

3. Specifications

METALK ensures the compliance of the supplied products with the specifi cations listed on the current catalogs.
Any technical changes requested by the Customer will be evaluated by METALK; if technically feasible it may results economic changes.

4. Delivery, shipping and transportation of materials

The METALK undertakes to respect the delivery terms agreed with the Customers. Any delay longer than a week will be communicated to the customer.The facts which prevent or delay the
production like strikes, lockouts, fi res, import bans, delayed supplies of raw materials or energy sources and limitations of other events that prevent or delay the manufacture, are conventionally
considered to cause of force majeure and METALK can not be held responsible for the delay in delivery. In the above mentioned cases METALK may delay the delivery as the cause of
the delay should last. The terms of delivery and transport are agreed in the contract.

5. Fee, VAT and interest charges

The agreed prices do not include value added tax (VAT) or any other duty or tax, unless if it is expressly agreed.
Payment of invoices must be made in accordance with conditions specifi ed in the proforma invoice.
In case of delayed payments, it may be required to the Customer to pay interest on the amount of not payments of an annual rate of 7% above the EURIBOR 3 months.

6. Reservation of title

METALK remains owner of the goods delivered until full payment of the products by the Customer.
As long as the property is not transferred, METALK has the right to retrieve possession of the products. METALK has the right to enter in any land or building where the product in question
has been stored in order to take possession and retrieve it.

7. Warranty

Any complaint must be received by the METALK within 8 days from receipt of goods by the buyer; claims for evident defects (dents, cracks, …) or defi ciencies with respect to transport
documentation, must be written notifi ed immediately to
The METALK product is guaranteed for 24 months after delivery unless different contractual arrangements.
Defective products must be returned to METALK at the same time with the delivery of any replacement.