Alveare Armadio portapistole 7 tesoretti COD. 1513331

Item #1513331

External dimensions: H. 1500 mm W. 330 mm D. 310 mm

Weight: 113 Kg

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EN 14450 degree “S1”
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External dimensions:
H. 1500 mm W. 330 mm D.310 mm

Weight: 113 Kg

Available equipments:
Level of resistance S1, n. 7 strong boxes


Secure safe cabinets mod. Alveare, are suitable for the secure storage from 1 to 16 short guns. Alveare safe is made of a strong 3 mm thick mono block of steel, with an additional internal paneling of 2 mm thick pre-arranged for the internal shelves. Door has a Strong 3 mm thick strong construction with a leaf door not less than 50 mm. Araldo is EN14450 certified, with grade S1 and S2 of resistance to burglary.



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