Allodola COD. 1968545

Item #1968545

External dimensions: H. 1960 mm W. 840 mm D. 450 mm

Weight: 300 Kg

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EN 14450 degree “S2”

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External dimensions
H. 1960 mm W. 840 mm D. 450 mm

Internal dimensions
H. 1860 mm W.  730 mm D. 372 mm

Weight: 300 Kg

Available equipments:

A N ° 4 glass shelves
B Front rack 13 guns
E Front Rack 7 guns + 4 shelves


Additional options:

Munitions store
Electronic lock
Lights pre-arrangement


The display Secure safe cabinet Allodola ensure a complete visibility of the inside, together with resistance and reliability. It is made of a strong 3 mm thick mono block of steel, with an additional internal paneling of 2 mm thick pre-arranged for the internal shelves. Door has a Strong 3 mm thick strong construction with a leaf door not less than 50 mm. High resistance safety glass allows people to admire their weapons and valuable in totally safety. Allodola safe is EN14450 certified, with grade S2 of resistance to burglary. A complete colors choice of RAL and different wood finishing, made using sophisticated and modern technologies, make the secure safe cabinet Allodola suitable for furnishing classic and modern style room. It has been designed with attention to details, to meet all the needs of sportspersons and collectors, even the most demanding ones. The rounded design of Allodola and the wood colors outside surfaces embellish the strong mono block of steel, combining design and reliability.

Colors / Wood effect


White RAL

Black RAL

Wood effects: