The supremacy of Metalk in the realization of armoured stores, the only ones in their kind, consolidates increasing day by day, thanks to the improvement of market strategies and continuous product’s development distinguished for the particularly elegant design and cared in every detail in order to have obtained the European Certification EN14450 and EN1143-1. The continuous ranges’ renewal and elevated cabinet’s reliability, concur with Metalk to answer with punctuality and effectiveness to the various customers’ enquiries. For the defense of the values, in fact, the better choice is to trust in an equipe of technicians and planners of great experience that make use of the most modern and sophisticated technologies. The high qualitative products’ standard is guaranteed from a careful and scrupulous control of all sequences of the working cycle, from the planning to the cut of pieces, from the assemblage to the painting. The possibility to supply a range of effective and personalized solutions, in home as well as in office, makes of Metalk a sure point of reference for the protection of precious, collection objects, firearms, privacy documents, medicines, tobaccos, etc. Metalk with a wide range of models proposal, is, moreover, indicated for deposits also by hotels and campings. The armoured stores are equipped with a perfect lock and emergency key, on which on demand is possible to add an alphanumeric digital system or a mechanical combination lock. Because Metalk can really offer solutions of sure value for the values that count.